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Load Handling Attachment


Any safe and efficient lifting and moving or turning of loads mostly requires specific load lifting devices which cannot be found as standard components in a catalogue.

We develop the specific solutions in coordination with the respective user. We suggest solutions to solve his load lifting problem and determine the required parameters together. We also consider any requirement and regulation with regard to specific sectors, such as required by the aerospace industry according to DIN 65152 or by the Nuclear Safety Standards Commission (KTA) for nuclear appliances and we possess the relevant certificates. The result will be an optimized lifting equipment; adjusted to the planned intended application.

Please be informed in detail about our lifting equipment for cranes as well as for fork-lift vehicles:

  • Lifting Beams
  • Pneumatic Lifting Beams
  • Vacuum Lifting Beams
  • Hooks
  • Drum Grippers
  • Container Spreaders
  • Ramshorn Hooks

Our scope of supply and services comprises stress analysis, design, production, conservation and delivery including documentation as well as an introduction at the customer, if required.
Our own specialists may realize the acceptance and thus they ensure a maximum of safety.

You may also find all our lifting equipment in our product catalogue „ Speziallösung zum Heben und Bewegen von Lasten und Personen”. We provide the complete catalogue for download in PDF-format.