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Load Attachment Points


LAP for moulding tools

We offer special load attachment points provided with screw threads for easy and safe changing and warehousing of moulding tools.

There are various basic versions for single and double hooks available which we may adjust according to your demand and according to the hole pattern of your mould.


adjustable centre of gravity or welded construction / with one or two bolts




Please download the product information of our load attachment points for moulding tools or view online.

Download product information "Load Attachment Points for moulding tools"



LAP for Anchor Chains

Load attachment points for anchor chains are specific heavy-lift brackets to tow pontoons fixed by big anchor chains. These welded constructions have manual locking device and e.g. they are welded on deck of a tow pontoon. The specific brackets shown below have a load capacity of 200 t.


You may also find our special load attachment points in our product catalogue „Speziallösungen zum Heben und Bewegen von Lasten und Personen“, which we offer for download in PDF-format.