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Equipment for Power Plants


Our employees dispose of decades of experience on this industrial sector. Our operating procedures are aligned with the special demands made to suppliers within the nuclear sector – in particular to those of the KTA safety standards, such as KTA1401, KTA 3902, KTA 3903 and KTA 3905. Naturally, we dispose of all necessary approvals.


We offer a solution-oriented take-over and turnkey engineering of complete work packages. This comprises the development of problem solving concepts, preparation of verifiable design approval documents (including layout, construction and stress analysis, production according to KTA standards, realization of necessary design and
acceptance tests according to KTA-compliant test plans and accompaniment of the experts consulted according to § 20 Atomic Energy Act. Our range of performance includes the realization of overload tests and non-destructive testing, preparation of documentation according to the specific requirements and, if necessary, assembly and commissioning inside the nuclear power plant.


Please refer in detail to the range of products that we manufactured for the nuclear sector so far:

• Handling Equipment for Storage Casks for Fuel Elements
• Handling Equipment for Containers
• Handling Equipment for Barrels
• More Lifting Equipment
• Lifting Equipment and Load Attachment Points
• Personnel Baskets
• Transport- and Storage Containers
• Support Devices
• Further Custom-Built Models
• Material- and Functional Testing

You may also find our catalogue “Equipment for Power Plant Technology”, as download in pdf-formate.




Almost all German nuclear power plants as well as their operating companies belong to our end-users. We also act as a supplier for nuclear equipment for power plant producers, waste disposal contractors and other leading companies within the nuclear branch, e. g. if they take complex work packages as a part of revisions or renaturation of power plants. Beyond this we developed appropriate lifting equipment in close co-operation with the barrel manufacturers.

Referenzen: Direkt belieferte Kernkraftwerke der TSU GmbH



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